Private Camping Charters
Everglades National Park & The 10,000 Islands

Private Camping Charters offered by KBA Include: Private Charter Boat (s) with Captain (s), licensed & insured guide(s) and all camping equipment needed for a true Everglades Backcountry Adventure.

Camping in the remote areas of Everglades National Park and the 10,000 Islands offers a wilderness adventure that few persons will ever experience. The backcountry sites are limited, but offer a primitive wilderness experience accessible only by boat. Be forewarned that many of these sites are in remote, wild and isolated wilderness areas offering a primitive camping experience. However, many sites within Everglades National Park do have an enclosed “toilet facility”. Your guide or guides have the experience and expertise to enhance your safety and provide a comfortable wilderness adventure.

Flamingo Traditional Campground Sites

There are a large number of “traditional campground” campsites at Flamingo set up in a more traditional camp ground fashion. These sites are not remote, usually with other campers nearby and are accessible by car. They offer the opportunity to explore well defined paths and beach trails surrounding the area as well as the Flamingo Visitor Center. Ranger guided tours offer you the opportunity to learn about the ecosystem and its’ inhabitants. Complete with boat ramps close by and a small store with limited supplies. Bicycle rentals are available too. Reservations are available up to one year in advance. It is highly recommended to reserve campsites to ensure availability. Please call to check availability.

Beach Camping

The beaches are remote, unspoiled and wild like the Florida of a hundred years ago. You may witness the sunrise and sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico and Florida Bay from many of the beach sites. When night falls the stars are more than you can count against a black sky while a fire on the beach is a perfect end to another memorable day.

Backcountry Ground Sites

These sites are primitive, limited and may have other campers nearby. They are located deep in the backcountry and offer a unique camping experience.

“Chickee” Camping

This is a true backcountry adventure. These open structures are fashioned after the early American Indian dwellings that were in used by inhabitants of this region hundreds of years ago. Built over the water with a roof attached these structures provide the peace and tranquility that only a true wilderness experience can offer. Awake to hear a porpoise surfacing for air or pink and crimson colored spoonbills wading on the waters edge. These sites are limited in number and suitable only for a very limited number of campers (recommendation of two adult adventurers’) depending on the sleeping arrangements of the clients. Availability is limited and specific sites cannot be guaranteed.

Camping Charter Rates

Flamingo Traditional Campground sites

You will meet your camping guide at the Everglades Visitor Center in Flamingo. This will include all of your camping gear and a separate tent for each camper if requested including cooking facilities. You will only need to bring your personal items (please see a list of personnel items that are recommended below). Private Charter Service is included and limited to two (2) hours dock to dock for each day of every overnight during your stay. Upon arrival in the afternoon you will enjoy a two (2) hour photo guide service and again the next morning another two (2) hour photo guide trip. This will provide you the opportunity to explore Florida Bay, the beaches or backcountry areas of Everglades National Park (sightseeing is not offered in ENP North District). Fishing is not included in this package.

Two days / One night camping including charter: $699.00 up to two (2) adults.

  • Additional campers: $299.00

NOTE: Please call to discuss family and children rates. Meal packages available and cost reflective of your specific needs.

Beach, Chickee, Backcountry ground sites

Your private charter boat and Captain / Guide will transport you to your campsite deep within Everglades National Park or the 10,000 Islands. This will include private and separate tent for each camper if requested including cooking facilities. Fishing is not included in this package.

  • Two Days / One night camping: $999.00 up to two persons.
  • Additional campers: $499.00
  • Includes two (2) two hour charters per day (1st afternoon and morning after a night of camping).
  • Meal packages are available and cost reflective of your specific needs

Deposit & Payment for Camping Charters

A 50% non-refundable deposit for all services will be required to book your private charter payable by Credit Card (Pay Pal), check or cash. Any cancellations within seven (7) days of scheduled charter will result in forfeit of your deposit. Full payment of service is required by date of departure by credit card (Pay Pal), cash or check. All applicable fees are subject to 6% State of Florida sales tax. Gratuity for your Guide is not included in charter pricing. Specific camping site locations cannot be guaranteed within the boundaries of Everglades National Park.

Captain’s Rights: As your safety is our #1 priority our Captains will retain the right to cancel or delay charters upon their professional discretion due to safety concerns. Charters may be rescheduled or refunded due to unforeseen circumstances and evaluated on a case by case basis.

5-Star Executive Packages

We also offer “Executive Packages” tailored to your specific needs. Upon request details will be sent for corporate packages that may include additional amenities, Captains, Camp Crew members and pricing. Meals will be discussed and tailored to your budget or needs.

Guide Credentials

All of our licensed Guides will provide friendly and professional charter service to enhance your Everglades wilderness adventure. All Guides posses the following credentials:

  • United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain
  • State of Florida Charter Boat Licensed Captain
  • Everglades National Park permitted Fishing Guides / Camping Guides
  • Fully licensed and Insured
  • Satellite / GPS emergency signaling systems and VHF radios
  • Full complement of USGC approved safety / signaling equipment
  • Minimum of American Red Cross First Aid training

For Your Comfort And Protection Please Bring:

  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain gear
  • Shoes – Hiking shoes, shower shoes, shoes.
  • Winter and Spring – jacket and warm clothing
  • Change of clothing

Recommended Personal Items:

  • Prescribed Medications
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Wash cloth / towel
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Dental floss
  • Razor
  • Shave cream
  • Eye drops (contact care)

Outfitter Services

Whatever your outdoor needs our Guides have the experience and knowledge to assist in outfitting you for your adventure from specialized outdoor wear to camping gear. The right footwear, pants, shirts, windbreakers, rain gear will all enhance and make your adventure more comfortable experience. If you would like to purchase your own tent we can accommodate that too. We will provide all tents, and sleeping gear. The tents utilized are specific in size to the camping adventure and site utilized. All are of the highest quality available.


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